Alien Base is designed to be the human-friendly DEX for trading on Base and beyond. By focusing on user interface and utility, you will be able to enjoy the richest trading experience across all chains and all other liquidity sources.

The idea is: when you trade on Alien Base, you use alien technology to trade everywhere.

2024 Roadmap

Liquidity Aggregation and Indexing

The first stage of our vision is integrating liquidity and pairs from everywhere. From Alien Base, you will be able to see at a glance everything that is happening onchain to make quick and snappy decisions.

This includes advanced charts, token analysis, holder analysis, tagging and much more.

Advanced trading tools

Alien Base traders must have full access to trading tools, even in DeFi. This means true limit orders, stop loss, TWAP and more.

Margin Trading & Project Quasar

One of the key components of healthy markets is the ability to go leverage long and short. This will be enabled by Quasar, our advanced lending platform.

Project Quasar is a lending and options platform built on top of the Alien Base pools that allows traders to supply and borrow a much wider range of assets than seen on other platforms.

This includes newly launched tokens for memecoins or smaller DeFi/NFT projects, as well as LP positions on V2 and V3.

Over time, this will evolve into a full-on options platform powered by LP positions.

Project Nebula

Project Nebula is Alien Base V2, an evolution of the AMM architecture to enable spot and derivatives trading in one system.

It will support deep, permissionless and flexible liquidity on any kind of asset, from the most liquid to the freshly-launched gems. Compared to existing concentrated liquidity, it will be more effective and automated, maintaining the spirit of DeFi while making it simpler for humans to use.

The vision for Nebula is to become the ultimate DeFi platform, uniting all key swapping primitives, spot, derivatives in one place.

Future Work

The aliens have more ideas to bring to Earth, including things that aren't all about swapping. The roadmap for the far future is in flux for now, but it will not finish any time soon.

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