Alien Base DAO

Anyone can make a proposal to the Alien Base DAO provided that they hold at least 100,000 ALB tokens.

All proposals must cover:

  • A detailed Motivation for submitting the proposal, including its goals and, where necessary, data inputs and analysis

  • A concrete Description of the plan of action and the functions that the DAO Multisig is expected to execute. These may include changes to smart contract parameters, ALB disbursement, or deployment of new contracts.

  • A Result section explaining how the proposal will achieve the desired goals, analyzing potential benefits, drawbacks and mitigations to these drawbacks.

Purpose of the DAO

At the current stage of project, the main priority for the DAO as per AIP-2 will be to accumulate and provide Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) for ALB, to ensure a sufficient liquidity backstop. This will be executed through the continuous deployment of protocol fees into liquidity pools.

As the project matures, the role of the DAO will be expanded depending on the situation, needs and community wishes.

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