Managing Token Allowance Guide

A detailed guide on how to identify and troubleshoot common issues related to token allowance


In decentralized finance (DeFi), "allowance" refers to the permission that token holders give to smart contracts to spend tokens on their behalf. Managing allowances properly is crucial for engaging with various features on DeFi platforms, including farming, staking, and swapping tokens.

Step 1: Understanding Allowance

Before adjusting allowances, it's important to understand why they are necessary:

  • Security Measure: Allowances limit how much a contract can handle without requiring further authorization, protecting your funds.

  • Functionality: For certain features like farming or trading on decentralized exchanges, setting the correct allowance ensures these functions work without interruption.

Step 2: Identifying Insufficient Allowance Issues

If you encounter transaction failures, it might be due to insufficient allowances:

  • Error Messages: Look for error messages that indicate a failure due to allowance issues, such as "allowance not sufficient".

  • Checking Allowances: Use blockchain explorers or tools like Basescan to check the current allowance settings for a particular contract.

Step 3: Adjusting Allowance

Here’s how you can adjust the allowances to ensure proper functionality of your interactions:

Setting Allowance:

  • Navigate to the Smart Contract: Visit Basescan's Contract Interaction Page.

  • Connect Your Wallet: Click 'Connect to Web3' to interact with the blockchain.

  • Approve or Modify Allowance:

    • Approve New Allowance:

      • Function: approveUsage

      • Parameters:

        • UsageAddress: Address of the contract requiring the allowance (e.g., 0xd3968A4a07d64C6E16982d45191b9A09a261Ec88 for EsMaster).

        • Amount: Desired amount in the smallest token unit (e.g., 1 billion ALB expressed as 1000000000000000000000000000).

    • To Revoke Allowance:

      • Set the Amount parameter to 0 to fully revoke permissions.

  • Confirm Transaction: Click on 'Write', then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step 4: Troubleshooting and Support

If problems persist after adjusting allowances:

  • Documentation: Keep records of attempted transactions and error messages.

  • Support: Contact AlienBase support in the dedicated Discord channel with detailed information for further assistance.

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