The Alien Lottery offers the chance to win huge prizes in ETH and ALB. It's easy to play, fair and rewarding through an evergrowing prize pool.


  • A lottery ticket costs $5 in ETH.

  • You can buy at most 100 tickets in a single transaction, but there are no overall limits to joining.

  • Each ticket represents a 6-digit random sequence of numbers (but you can also choose the numbers yourself). The more numbers match the ultimate winning combination, the bigger the reward.

  • Alien Lottery uses a public random number API ( Because Base currently does not support VRF, the oracle solution was custom-built — but it will be amended to use public oracles as soon as they are available.

Prize Pool

The initial Alien Lottery period involves a bootstrapping phase where the prize pool is a combination of ALB and ETH worth approximately $10k.

As the prize pool grows, the ALB will be gradually replaced with ETH.

By default, all funds leftover from each lottery round are reinvested into the next, minus a 20% which is sent to the treasury. The percentages may change depending on the size of the prize pool at the discretion of the lottery operator. The price of each ticket may also be finetuned to match the existing prize pool.

Prize Pool Ranges and Probabilities

The prize pool is divided into multiple ranges, representing how many digits of a ticket match the winning number.

Below are the probabilities of matching a given number of digits for a single ticket:

# of digits matchingProbability (approx.)













Buy One Get One Free Promotion

For the first week (Mid-October), Lottery includes a special Buy One Get One Free promotion. For each ticket you buy, you get one for free and double your chances of victory.

Prize sharing across prize brackets

The amounts you win with each ticket depend on how many other tickets won in the same prize bracket. Brackets are defined by how many digits match the winning number (1 left-most digit, 2, 5 etc.)

Each bracket will get a certain percentage of the prize pool assigned to it. But each bracket shares the spoils with its participant tickets. If 5 people matched 3 numbers and the total prize pool for that bracket is 1 ETH, then each player will receive 0.2 ETH.

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